Hi. I’m Tebo, a content creator from Montreal with a passion for
voice acting, music, video games, cooking & living a healthy lifestyle. Welcome to my online home, I hope you’ll have a look around.

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Live music every Thu/Fri/Sat, Teebar live chat with Uncle Fubar on Tuesday mornings,
Project Studio Sundays, games & other live community shenanigans
Project studio tips & how to’s, streaming technology insights,
and other things I post purely so that I won’t forget them!
Home away from home for our awesome Tebovision community
when the live cam is offline and cats have taken over the project studio

Who says Facebook is just for old people, I like to think of it as a hot spot for crazy cool kids who are young at heart and in full denial about wrinkles or back pain!
Everybody has a serious persona, although I don’t always succeed at that we can still be friends on the stuffy network

Your daily dose of what is reeeeaaally going on in Tebo’s brain
Motivational pics, studio sessions, awkward adventure snaps,
and other chaotic photo memories
Absolute debauchery and goofiness, but always with inspirational undertones, because GenXers are people too man!
All my originals can be found on Bandcamp … you can buy my songs pretty much anywhere, but you can also just listen for free on Bandcamp if you prefer … just because
Original music by Tebo, along with some lovingly curated playlists I made while consuming copious amounts of Guinness
Check out the business site for my multimedia project studio … LV was established waaaaay back in 2002, because it’s really much more than just a hobby 🙂


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