Unleashing my inner avatar

Hardly a day goes by where I haven’t thought about or strategized a way to improve my game presence online or get to that next achievement in-game. What began in earnest back in the 70’s has become a full-on love for games well into my middle age, with no signs of stopping ever!


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It all started back in the late 70’s playing Atari console games like Defender, Adventure and Pole Position, and I quickly became convinced that video games were not only a pass time for me but a very serious passion.

This passion was bolstered by saving up for my very own first computer in the form of a Commodore 64, eating up games as quickly as my cassette drive would allow, spending hours playing Jump Man and Donkey Kong, eventually getting my first glimpse of rpg games like Bard’s Tale and the Ultima series and hosting table top board game nights whenever my fledgling beer fund would allow.

Game night with the boys back in the day
… a rousing session of Axis & Allies

As technology leaped ahead during the 90s and words like Pentium and highspeed internet became common, MMOs like Asheron’s Call and Dark Age of Camelot were my main obsession, and it was at this time my personal passion for games met the professional world of game development.

My first trip to E3, working at the L.A. Convention Center and reeling with excitement!

Earning myself a spot as a young Producer for a small, independent game developer I learned the video game business from the inside out, orchestrating audio development, design, quailty assurance and localisation for a variety of foreign titles seeking distribution in North America.

Mandatory token shot with friendly “booth babes”

Many all-night gaming nights at the office offered me a glimpse into the adrenaline rush of fast-paced LAN games with many semi-pro gamers, frequently involved in massive battles in Age of Empires, Doom, Quake, and all of us chomping at the bit for the release of Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft.

Transitioning from game development to multimedia production led to many years of fun times in a variety of studios

As my career shifted to music and multi-media production in the early 2000s, I still harboured a deep love for online MMOs seeking solace in my beloved Lord of the Rings Online, but frequently engaging in new releases throughout the years.

Binging on various titles like
ESO, Minecraft, and my beloved LOTRO

I now turn my focus to the careful balance of pursuing my passion for games while balancing career and RL responsibilities. Focusing sometimes as a critical game developer, but mostly just enjoying whatever games are on my radar at the time, I invite you to suit up, log in, and join the party.