Back in 2002 I started my own small business called LV Studios, originally created to provide turnkey audio production services for indie game developers, the business eventually grew to encompass my love for music. This led to the business offering recording and mixing services in support of local musicians looking to make high-end demos and studio-quality recordings. LV has since expanded to provide video production services and consulting for social media content as well.


Ever since the days of MySpace, Vine and Google+, I have been learning, experimenting and evolving with all manner of social media content, originally starting with video podcasts for local businesses back in 2006, hosting a variety of youtube channels throughout the years, learning the inner-workings of the various algorithms, witnessing the evolution of platforms like facebook & instagram as their audiences and focus changed drastically over time, and ultimately embracing industry-changing new platforms like TikTok.

With the onset of brilliant new technologies like Chat GPT, Open AI, Web 3.0, the blockchain and NFTs, it seems clear that the future is more exciting and invigorating than we could even imagine, who knows where social media and content marketing will evolve and the impact it will have on our lives as a whole.